Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leap Rows and Sowing Seeds: 2/29

I have procrastinated on posting these pictures and updating the progress of the garden.  All the rows have been cut, mounds have been built, and the early crops have been planted.
 We have gone with several wide rows (18in) to try to maximize the amount of crops that can be planted.  We did this on the rows that hold cabbage, carrots, onions, and beans. 

Wide rows on left side of garden, rows 1 and 3.  What looks to be row 2 is actually a prepped dirt mound to cover potatoes as they grow.

Miranda sowing carrot seeds.  We planted onions right afterwards on both sides of the row.  So it goes onions, carrots, onions.

The indention in the two above pics is a trick I picked up on the net from this hippie, organic gardener.  I took an old handle to a shovel or some tool from years ago and pushed it down into the soil, making a trench to sow the seeds.  Then you just cover them up.  Done in a jiffy.

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