Friday, April 6, 2012

Chemical Warfare and Nature's Fight Back

Clearly I'm not cut out to be a professional blogger.  I had wanted to update weekly, but have fallen behind for various reasons. One reason though was an insane amount of yard work this past weekend.  I think me and Miranda did near nine hours straight on Sunday.  Dreams of a TV yard.  Funds of a yard sale yard.

We have been getting killed by the cabbage looper for nearly two weeks.  I have been trying to get a moment to put the Dipel Dust down, but it has been a bit too rainy.  As you can see, the cabbage worm hit us pretty hard.

Eleven days ago (3/26), I dusted the plants with the Dipel Dust.  It worked wonders.  As you can see these plants were a cabbage looper clan's buffet.  Things are looking much better.

We have had a remarkably warm winter and spring this year.  We have had several days in the 80s and weeks of consistent sunny and 70s.  A day after dusting, we got a frost scare.  It did not turn out as frosty as the weathermen suggested.  But we had to prepare.  I did a last minute cover job.  I covered the strawberries with a large sheet of plastic and the potatoes, unnecessarily,  with a makeshift combination of Tupperware, sand toys, and a wheel-barrel.  It didn't frost really.  Better safe than sorry though.

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