Saturday, April 7, 2012

Got to get that GREEN

We have about $80.00 invested in the garden so far this year.  We needed to purchase a new, reliable sprinkler and also decided to splurge for a timer for the sprinkler this year.  This cost about $55.00 out of the $80.00 invested, which is very reasonable since the sprinkler and timer are a long-term investment.  We are planning to record all purchases and the value of all of the produce harvested from the garden this year to see exactly how frugal we are!  

Spinach was the first plant to reach maturity and ready for harvest.  We pulled three colanders of spinach from the garden this week alone.  Frugal Farmer straight farms.....

Harvested 4/6/2012

1.1 - Spinach
Large colander
(Estimated Worth: $5.00)

Harvested 4/4/2012

1.2 - Spinach
Medium colander
(Estimated Worth: $2.50)

Harvested 4/3/2012

1.3 - Spinach
Medium colander
(Estimated Worth: $2.50)

Total Weekly Worth:  $10.00 in Spinach

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