Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Would that be $36 in green leaves? Yes, sir!

Blog, Blog, Blog is all I hear all day at work.  Well the Big C is going to meet the Big T.  Oh yea, blogdown 2012.  I'm going to unleash some pent up, frugal, farmin' produce!  

We pulled out a good deal of spinach over the past week and a half along with some Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce.   Here is just a little Popeye taste of what's to come.....

Harvested 4/17/2012

1.1  - Before I cleaned and condensed that luscious, sweet leaf.

1.2 - Gallon bag with all the air pushed out
(Estimated Worth: $12.00)

Harvested 4/14/2012

2.1 - Large Colander
(Estimated Worth: $7.00)

2.2 - A little cooked leaf.  As Ozzy would say...they call it the Sweet Leaf.

Harvested 4/13/2012

3.1 - Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce - Large colander
(Estimated Worth: $4.00)

3.2 - Friday the thirteenth makes for some of that crazy full moon lettuce. 

3.3 - Spinach - Large Colander
(Estimated Worth: $5.00)

Harvested 4/11/2012

4.1 - Chh chhh ching!

4.2 - Large Colander
(Estimated Worth: $4.00)

4.3 - Lettuce and Spinach Salad Mix

Harvested 4/9/2012

5.1 - Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce - Large colander
(Estimated Worth: $4.00)

That's $36.00 worth of GREEN in just TWELVE days!  Now that's what we call FRUGAL FARMING!

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